11 February 2011

time flies...

...really, really fast.  it has been almost three weeks since i arrived in spain, and this is my first entry in that time.  it simultaneously feels like i have been here for months and just a few days; it's surreal.

i've been dreading this blog because now i feel like it's necessary to describe every tiny detail about spain, even those i haven't really encountered yet.  but i'll start with the basics: mi casa, la comida, y mi senora.

i live on the 6th floor of an apartment building near the center of the city.  the walk to the IES building is about 15 minutes, so really it's the same as when i'm in the EEUU...just less hills than ithaca.  i have my own room, but another IESer lives with me in the apartment:  Cynthia!  she's basically awesome.  it's really nice to have someone else around to share the experience with and have more people to chat with.  also, she's much better at speaking spanish than i am, and it makes life slightly easier and less nerve-wracking.
showers in spain are not allowed to be any length of time higher than a few minutes. however, the detachable shower head helps this immensely because i can wash my hair before any other part of my body gets wet and cold. then i just turn the water on and off so i don't waste.
my senora is awesome!  she is in her mid-60s and has been hosting students from various countries for over 25 years. she likes telling stories about other students and about her life...no details are left to the imagination.  and ooooh can she cook!  every day we eat la comida between 2:30 and 3 (14:30-15) and everything has been fabulous!  we usually have some kind of soup and bread to start off, and then salad or a side dish (such as potatoes!) and a main dish of..well, usually jamon. there is so much jamon here it's crazy.  but i have not had anything here that i don't like!  it's all amazing; i can't even describe.

i didn't have internet here until YESTERDAY.  i survived, of course, but it's been hard to do anything significant other than take ten minutes to check my e-mail while at school. however, the lack of internet has made me much more excited to just go outside and walk around the amazing city of granada.

fun fact:  the word "granada" means pomegranate!  i had no idea.  everything here is shaped like pomegranates, which i find really awesome.

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