23 January 2011

step two!

here i am...logan international airport in boston.  my flight was delayed a little, but that's totally fine with me.  it gives me more of an excuse to sit around and stare at things while surfing the interwebs.  wait!  this is same thing i do all the time...
but this time, it's while traveling by myself.  baby steps have been taken up to this point:  first was walking to the park with just my brother; then came the time when i was allowed to walk home from school by myself; then i could walk TO school (if i woke up early enough); walking led to driving to those same places around my lovely city; driving farther away to places such as canton came next...then i went to college.  and i traveled by myself everywhere!  i didn't even have to tell anyone! (usually i did anyway, just in case)  and soon i was able to take the car for the weekend, drive to syracuse to take the train down to "the city", drive to ithaca for a few days....and now this:
SPAIN.  seriously.
i was nervous to do the whole flying thing alone, especially since international flights seem so much  more glamorous.  but i just checked the board, had a late lunch, stood in line to check in, and essentially sprinted through security.  it was the fastest i have ever gone through anything before.  had i been clocked, my guess would be around the 4 minute mark...and that's putting my shoes back on and everything.  to top things off, the  lady tsa agent in my line was exceptionally attractive. : )  after this lovely start, i'm sure the rest of the trip will be fantastic.

the start to my day was not quite to the same par as this portion of the trip has been.  not only did i not sleep pretty much at all, but i also had to crawl out of bed at 7:30 or so to finish the super last minute packing of things such as my toothbrush.  we left a bit late for the most gut wrenching portion of the trip...the drive to the airport.  flying is a complete joy compared to the slippery roads on the way to saranac lake.  i felt like i was getting an ab workout because i was so tense.  after a while, i just stopped watching the road and closed my eyes.  after the irritating over-weightness of my bag (totally my fault, but how am i supposed to pick out clothes for FIVE MONTHS), i boraded what can only be the smallest passenger plane in existence.  there was space for 9 passengers plus the pilot. they even came in and asked "who wants to co-pilot today?" someone sat right next to the pilot! it was such close quarters that they pilot simply turned around and said "hey everyone, have a nice flight"  i was in the back, but it was fun in any case.  one thing though, it was the coldest place i have ever been.  my feet were in pain for at least a half an hour after getting off the plane.  next time, smart wool is a must.

for now, i am going back to waiting.  continuing my internet antics or possibly watching a movie until it's time to board.  i'm starting to see more passengers, flight attendants, and pilots.  IT'S ALMOST TIME!

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