18 January 2011

five days and counting

i realized today what a time warp being at home is.  while there is always something to do (technically), i can never seem to find the motivation or desire to finish any task...except watching lots of movies, reading a few books, and completing a puzzle or two.  but now, i'm heading off to spain!  and will very little left to accomplish, i have just stopped feeling the need to do anything.  there are things about taxes, bank accounts, credit cards, paperwork, pay-roll information all left to be done, and yet i have done nothing.  i do, after all, put the "pro" in "procrastination".  luckily, the devilish mistress Stress has crept up slowly over the last several weeks of break and is now threatening my future.  she will start withholding precious hours and forcing me to do work that really does need to be done.  in the end, i'll thank her.  her prodding will allow me to get on my flights without a problem and then relax, drink in hand, and enjoy my long awaited adventure.  

so now my suitcase is upstairs, and stacks of folded clothing cover my bed.  inevitably, they will be packed.  but first i must fulfill my procrastination quota and wait at least until tomorrow.  

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