25 February 2011

a tad borracha: a letter to spain

dear spain,
thanks for being awesome.  after over a month of residing within your borders, i can say with certainty that you are fantastic!  even your cheap wine that comes in cardboard packaging (1 euro) is very delicious and causes me to be a little borracha in public places, like the park.  but the best thing about you is that it is completely normal!  it seems as though public drunkenness is part of spanish culture, just like meeting your friends to go out at about midnight, since it's apparently not late at all.  children are often still outside when i'm going home to sleep.  but spain, despite your amazing wine and cheap beers and free tapas (all the time, everywhere as long as you purchase a drink), there are few things about you i just don't like.  for one, why does everything have to happen outside the house? i would like to have a few friends over to watch a movie, but you just won't let that occur. entertaining from home is amazing because you're in your own comfort zone, it's cheaper, and you can be obnoxious as much as you want without people staring.  luckily, you seem to have almost no rules at all, so public drunkenness, public displays of affection, public EVERYTHING is totally acceptable.  also, why do you have to charge for water?  water should always be free. that is a little ridiculous.  but all in all, you're pretty amazing, spain.  so, thanks.

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